Firm History

James F. Anderson Law Firm, a Professional Corporation (“JFA Law Firm”), is a nationally recognized bond counsel firm qualified to act as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and/or underwriter’s counsel in a variety of municipal bond financing structures.

Mr. Anderson has been active in public finance since 1983, and in 2016 formed his own firm, James F. Anderson Law Firm, A Professional Corporation (“JFA Law Firm”), in connection with for the retirement of his former partner. JFA Law Firm is the successor firm to a partnership formed by Mr. Anderson and his former partner in 1993 (after practicing at other law firms) in order to provide legal services not only of the highest quality, but with the personalized attention expected by their clients to meet their financing needs. JFA Law Firm provides public finance services and does not have any practice areas other than its public finance practice.

Mr. Anderson is active as bond counsel and disclosure counsel to school districts, cities, counties, water districts and other local entities, and as counsel to underwriting firms in connection with the issuance of bonds, such as general obligation bonds, special tax (community facilities district) bonds, revenue bonds, and enterprise revenue bonds, and execution and delivery of certificates of participation. JFA Law Firm has been involved in numerous new money and refunding issues.